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Moussa Mara

Date of Birth: 2/3/1975
Place of Birth: Bamako

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    Vol 56 No 13 |
  • MALI

A peace deal, against all odds

Then the army without alerting the French military or UN peacekeepers attacked the rebel MNLA's positions during a visit by the then Prime Minister Moussa Mara (AC Vol 55 No 12 Ripples from Kidal)...

    Vol 56 No 1 |
  • MALI

IBK on the back foot

Back in Bamako Prime Minister Moussa Mara has plans to divide Mali into 23 or 24 regions based on traditional communities and under directly elected governments...

    Vol 55 No 12 |
  • MALI

Ripples from Kidal

N'Dao replaces Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga who was sacrificed to deflect blame for the disaster from President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and Prime Minister Moussa Mara many in Bamako believe...

    Vol 55 No 11 |
  • MALI

IBK ducks the blame for Kidal

The Prime Minister of less than two months' standing Moussa Mara has also tried to deflect responsibility although few in Bamako are convinced by either man's story (AC Vol 55 No 8 Keïta's six-month itch)...

    Vol 55 No 8 |
  • MALI

Keïta's six-month itch

Keïta's decision to appoint Moussa Mara the 39-year-old urban Development Minister (AC Vol 54 No 15 Wanted a winner for all) as Prime Minister surprised insiders in Bamako who see it as a further strengthening of presidential power...

    Vol 54 No 15 |
  • MALI

Wanted: a winner for all

Others who could weigh in the balance include Soumana Sacko Premier during the 1991-92 transition to democracy; astrophysicist Cheick Modibo Diarra Premier during the current transition until he was removed by the army in December; two representatives of the next political generation Moussa Mara and Housseini Amion Guindo (‘Poulo'); and Mali's first two female presidential contenders Oumou Sall Seck and Aïdara Aïssata Cissé...

Displaying 11-16 out of 16 results.