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Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

Date of Birth: 15 March 1959

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Fights over Kabimba wrack the PF

In the past Sata had favoured him greatly but lately Wynter Kabimba has been the focus of concerted opposition within the party from Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda (AC Vol 54 No 19 Kabimba loses his footing)...

Kabimba loses his footing

A campaign to endorse President Michael Sata as the Patriotic Front's candidate in the 2016 general elections has turned into a major battle between two of the PF's most important figures Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Wynter Kabimba...

Towards a one-party state

The cobra strikes Sata and the PF’s authoritarianism have been visible in the deregistration of the MMD in March 2012 Sata’s threat to dissolve Parliament if MPs kept voting against his legislation and then his castigation of the Anti-Corruption Commission for investigating Kabimba and another key ally the Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba...

Kabimba looks ahead

Lubinda was part of a cabinet group that included Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili but both have abandoned him we hear...

Displaying 11-14 out of 14 results.