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Pastor Evan Mawarire

Date of Birth: 1977

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Activists take on the crisis

The President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Peter Mutasa as well as human rights campaigners Rashid Mahiya and Pastor Evan Mawarire are also facing accusations of subversion...

Hopes and fears for the new old guard

When Pastor Evan Mawarire founder of the #ThisFlag movement walked free from the Harare High Court on 29 November having been acquitted on charges of trying to overthrow President Robert Mugabe there was both cheering and laughter...


Patriotism, politics and position

The euphoria created by the #ThisFlag campaign which mobilises tens of thousands of supporters and is spearheaded by the now-exiled evangelical Pastor Evan Mawarire is likely to fizzle out unless the divided opposition parties can capitalise on the mass demand for change...

Dollar crisis puts opposition on the streets

A new political campaign has gathered mass support via social media: the #ThisFlag hashtag was launched by Pastor Evan Mawarire to protest against corruption police brutality and poverty after Mawarire and allies coordinated widely backed stay-away protests on 5-6 July...


Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.