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Soumaïla Cissé

Date of Birth: 20 December 1949
Place of Birth: Timbuktu
Died: 25 December 2020

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    Vol 59 No 16 |
  • MALI

Court in the act

Jihadist violence hampered voting in the fiefdoms in Mopti and the north of his chief rival Soumaïla Cissé whom he faces in the run-off on 12 August...

    Vol 59 No 15 |
  • MALI

Electoral déja-vu

Both the incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and his main challenger in the 29 July presidential election Soumaïla Cissé offer the electorate security improved basic services and infrastructure a diversified economy and jobs for the young...

Strains on the front line

On the opposition side former Prime Minister Moussa Mara and the official opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé have taken to touring the country in an effort to show they understand that Mali is more than just its capital...

    Vol 59 No 1 |
  • MALI

Wanted: change and security

A second round is therefore a virtual certainty probably pitting Keïta against either Soumaïla Cissé or Moussa Mara...

    Vol 57 No 1 |
  • MALI

Tough people, weak leader

NO ALTERNATIVEOpposition leader Soumaïla Cissé – himself a northerner from the Timbuktu area – will remain a voice of responsible criticism but lacks the parliamentary clout to really cut through...

    Vol 54 No 20 |
  • MALI

Keïta’s test of words and deeds

There is little confidence outside the country at least that Keïta's more technocratic rival Soumaïla Cissé would have had the populist skills to pull it off...

    Vol 54 No 17 |
  • MALI

IBK's agenda

62% of the vote to Soumaïla Cissé's 22...

    Vol 54 No 16 |
  • MALI

Elections judged a success

That was a provocation to IBK's main rival Soumaïla Cissé who was furious with Coulibaly for jumping the gun...

    Vol 54 No 15 |
  • MALI

Wanted: a winner for all

Advisors of his key rival Soumaïla Cissé then promised that their man would also visit the desert town...

    Vol 54 No 10 |
  • MALI

The rush to the vote

Another important presidential contender will be Soumaïla Cissé whose Union pour la république et la démocratie has concluded an alliance with the Union des mouvements et associations pour le Mali (AC Vol 42 No 12 Of mud and men)...

Displaying 11-20 out of 38 results.