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Soumaïla Cissé

Date of Birth: 20 December 1949
Place of Birth: Timbuktu

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    Vol 54 No 16 |
  • MALI

Elections judged a success

That was a provocation to IBK's main rival Soumaïla Cissé who was furious with Coulibaly for jumping the gun...

    Vol 54 No 15 |
  • MALI

Wanted: a winner for all

Advisors of his key rival Soumaïla Cissé then promised that their man would also visit the desert town...

    Vol 54 No 10 |
  • MALI

The rush to the vote

Another important presidential contender will be Soumaïla Cissé whose Union pour la république et la démocratie has concluded an alliance with the Union des mouvements et associations pour le Mali (AC Vol 42 No 12 Of mud and men)...

    Vol 53 No 8 |
  • MALI

The north and south of it

Soumaïla Cissé’s Union pour la république et la démocratie and over 40 other parties had argued that the electoral register be based on an administrative census using biometric data to prevent fraud...

    Vol 53 No 7 |
  • MALI

Rebels and putschists

On 27 March presidential candidate Soumaïla Cissé addressed a crowd of about 1 000 in the capital urging the military to return to barracks and fight the rebels not the civilian government...

    Vol 52 No 24 |
  • MALI

Presidential poll wide open

Soumaïla Cissé of the Union pour la république et la démocratie (URD) has a more technocratic image after eight years heading the Ouagadougou-based commission of the Union économique et monétaire ouest-africaine...

    Vol 51 No 15 |
  • MALI

A formidable new party

Yet the PDES will have to resist the clubby pressures towards consensus and develop ties with potential challengers to Adema such as the Union pour la république et la démocratie and its probable candidate Soumaïla Cissé who heads the Commission of the West African Economic and Monetary Union...

Higher level

Those are the formidable goals set for the ADB in a report launched in Tunis on 22 January by a high-level panel led by former President of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano; former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin; Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz; President of the West African Economic and Monetary Union Soumaila Cissé; and Uganda’s Central Bank Governor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile...

    Vol 48 No 9 |
  • MALI

Politicians and their parties

Other heavyweights backing ATT include Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest-Africaine Commissioner Soumaïla Cissé and Choguel Kokalla Maïga Finance Minister and President of the Mouvement Patriotique pour le Renouveau...

Annivesaries and elections

Another potential candidate Soumaïla Cissé has handed his support to ATT who remains hugely popular despite displeasing some southerners by overseeing a compromise settlement last year with northern Tuareg mutineers...

Displaying 11-20 out of 31 results.