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South Sudan

Gabriel Changson Chang

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'Not even the Pope'

The South Sudan Opposition Alliance which is in disarray amid a leadership battle between factions led by Gabriel Changson Chang and Lam Akol does not yet have a clear vice-president designate and did not receive an invitation as a result (AC Vol 59 No 15 Sanctions and splits)...

Sanctions and splits

South Sudan Opposition AllianceThe SSOA includes nine parties and movements (ten if the Former Detainees are included – they are officially part of the bloc but negotiate separately) The Federal Democratic Party (with its armed wing the South Sudan Armed Forces) A predominantly Nuer breakaway group from the SPLA-IO led by economist Gabriel Changson Chang former minister of wildlife and of youth and sport who is also chair of the Alliance...

Salva stalls the peacemakers

Changson Chang and Joseph Bakosoro remain dark horse candidates for a consensus candidate if a choice of Lam proves too divisive...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.