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Mbusa Nyamwisi

Date of Birth: 15 November 1959
Place of Birth: North Kivu

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A military trap

Uganda's proteges in the Bunia-based RCD-Mouvement de Libération are also split and on 17 April President Yoweri Museveni tried to mediate between its President Professor Wamba dia Wamba and his deputies and rivals Mbusa Nyamwisi and John Tibasima Atenyi...

Holding up the peace

Mbusa Nyamwisi a member of the rebels' Executive Council has been put in charge of the talks and according to Daniel Mayele Secretary General of the Mouvement National Congolais-Lumumba has recently met Nande traditional chiefs around Beni and Butembo in North Kivu...

Displaying 41-43 out of 43 results.