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Claudel André Lubaya

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A day of portents

Delly Sesanga and Claudel Lubaya both influential politicians from Kasaï Central province and prominent Katumbi supporters have put out conciliatory statements since Tshisekedi's inauguration...

The Twelve Fixes of Christmas

Delly Sessanga and Claudel Lubaya senior members of Katumbi's Ensemble coalition and therefore supposed to promote a Fayulu victory urged their communities to vote for Tshisekedi as both men are fighting for re-election in areas which will overwhelmingly turn out for the UDPS man...


Kabila slides into a legitimacy crisis

The ambitious Kamerhe took a risk by joining the dialogue – Jean-Bertrand Ewanga the secretary general and Claudel André Lubaya his deputy quit Kamerhe's Union pour la nation congolaise (UNC) and joined Le Rassemblement...

Yes, guv

Other Governors are Bas-Congo: Tsasa-di-Ntumba (PPRD); Kinshasa: Jean Kimbunda (PPRD); Kasaï-Occidental: André-Claudel Lubaya (PPRD); Province-Orientale: Théo Baruti Amisi (RCD-Goma); Bandundu: Sadiboko Sabin (MLC); Maniema: Koloso Sumaili (RCD-ML); Kasaï-Oriental: Dominique Kanku (RCD-N); Sud-Kivu: Augustin Bula-Wite-Mate Nyanda (Opposition); Equateur: Mobando Yogo Yves (Civil Society)...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.