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Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu

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A turning point vote for the Black Star

Also mentioned as a contender in the legal team is Martin Amidu formerly Attorney General in Mahama's government but sacked after he accused a fellow minister of grand corruption in a cabinet meeting (AC Vol 53 No 3 It's Woyome time)...


It's Woyome time

The first head to roll was that of Attorney General Martin Amidu who announced as the Woyome story was breaking that some senior NDC members were guilty of ‘gargantuan crimes’...

Oil and optimism

Mills has promoted his own loyalists – Cletus Apul Avoka Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo and his 2004 election running mate Martin Amidu – to ministerial positions...

Displaying 11-13 out of 13 results.