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Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemeti)

Date of Birth: 1974 or 1975
Place of Birth: Chad

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Did Khartoum cross the line?

The RSF Field Commander Major General Mohamed Hamdan Dogolo aka 'Himeiti' said on 30 August that the European Union should 'thank' the RSF for preventing migrants from leaving Sudan (AC Vol 51 No 19 A new strategy for Darfur)...

Chaos theory

Their leader is Mohamed Hamdan Dalgo aka Hemiti who in what one senior opposition politician called 'political laundering' is becoming an essential ally for Field Marshal Omer and his ruling clique...

A new strategy for Darfur

One of his closest advisors whose name is being mentioned these days is Mohamed Hamdan Dogolo known as ‘Himeiti’ a feared Janjaweed leader named in ICC and UN reports...

Displaying 41-43 out of 43 results.