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Iyad ag Ghali

Date of Birth: c. 1954

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    Vol 53 No 12 |
  • MALI

Islamic state

The Mouvement national pour la libération de l’Azawad (MNLA) had previously denounced any notion of a state based on religion and the jihadists of Iyad ag Ghali’s Ansar Eddine opposed a nation state...

    Vol 53 No 11 |
  • MALI

Tuaregs talk government

Meanwhile in the northern city of Gao the probable seat of a new northern provisional government the nationalist Mouvement national pour la libération de l’Azawad (MNLA) is in tense and problematic negotiations with Iyad ag Ghali his jihadist Ansar Eddine movement and their allies from Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)...

    Vol 53 No 8 |
  • MALI

Rebel against rebel – against the rest

Tuareg separatists of the Mouvement national de la libération de l’Azawad are in a bitter struggle with a jihadist faction – Iyad ag Ghali and his Ansar Eddine group...

    Vol 53 No 7 |
  • MALI

Rebels and putschists

They are referring to Iyad ag Ghali and his Ansar Eddine (Supporters of the Religion)...

    Vol 53 No 4 |
  • MALI

Libyan arms fuel Tuareg revolt

The ADC is a broad group including some leaders of the mid-2000s Tuareg mini-uprisings such as Iyad ag Ghali Ahmada ag Bibi and Zeidane ag Sidalamine a diplomat and former leader of the 1990s rebellion...

Gadaffi’s bequest to region

They are Ansar Eddine (Supporters of the Religion) founded in December 2011 by Iyad ag Ghali leader of the 1991 Tuareg revolt in Mali (AC Vol 41 No 2 Rallying) and the Mouvement pour l'unicité et le Jihad en Afrique de l'Ouest...


Sources in Mali note that the wealthy Iyad ag Ghali former figurehead of the Mouvement des Fronts Unis de l'Azaouad runs the regional capital Kidal and its hinterland in the Adrar with links to Ténéré and Algeria...

Displaying 51-57 out of 57 results.