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Iyad ag Ghali

Date of Birth: c. 1954

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Colliding worlds

Mahmoud Dicko the head of Mali's High Islamic Council this week announced that in September he had received a letter from Iyad ag Ghali leader of Ansar Eddine one of the Malian Tuareg jihadist groups suspected of being behind the Tazalit raid announcing a unilateral ceasefire...

Ag Aoussa was reputed to have led the January 2012 massacre of a captured army garrison at Aguelhoc and was suspected of maintaining recent contacts with Iyad ag Ghali...

    Vol 56 No 24 |
  • MALI

Attack targets peace deal

In recent weeks an audio recording made in October has emerged in which Ansar Eddine leader Iyad ag Ghali condemns the Algiers deal...

EU ups security demands

Having claimed responsibility for attacks in the west and far south of Mali in late June Ansar's leader Iyad ag Ghali is reportedly still living in the Algerian half of the border community of Tin Zaouatine in Tamanrasset Province...

    Vol 56 No 13 |
  • MALI

A peace deal, against all odds

In April a split in the MNLA between Colonel Mohammed ag Najem and Bilal ag Acherif nephew of veteran jihadist Ansar Eddine leader Iyad ag Ghali weakened the MNLA forces in Ménaka (AC Vol 55 No 6 Talking Timbuktu)...

    Vol 55 No 11 |
  • MALI

IBK ducks the blame for Kidal

There are unconfirmed rumours that some jihadists may have fought alongside the MNLA in Kidal and even that the veteran Tuareg troublemaker Iyad ag Ghali may have been present...

    Vol 55 No 6 |
  • MALI

Talking Timbuktu

Political supremo Ag Acherif is an Ifoghas and the nephew of Iyad ag Ghali the veteran rebel whose exclusion from the MNLA leadership – partly on account of past hostility towards the Idnan – spurred Ag Ghali to join forces with Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and wreck the MNLA rebellion...

The campaign stretches out

Despite the killing in late February of Abdel Hamid Abou Zeid a prominent commander from Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) other key Islamist leaders are still at large including Iyad ag Ghali the founder of Ansar Eddine (AC Vol 54 No 3 Alghabass ag Intallah changes sides)...

    Vol 54 No 4 |
  • MALI

Crisis in the command

The plan was for a twofold strike: Sanogo’s troops would knock out the Bamako government as jihadists from Iyad ag Ghaly’s Ansar Eddine forces began their southwards march on 10 January...

Displaying 31-40 out of 57 results.