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Ali Hassan Mwinyi

Date of Birth: 8 May 1925
Place of Birth: Kivure, Pwani Region, Tanzania

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Baby Tiger

Nyerere's replacement by President Ali Hassan Mwinyi in 1985 brought token moves towards a market economy; their main result was to expose previously hidden corruption...

Against the odds

Mrema who was Interior Minister under former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi (whom he accused of being soft on corruption) has spent the year since he lost the presidential election tirelessly reorganising his own party the National Convention for Constitution and Reform-Maguezi (NCCR-Maguezi)...

Offshore, offside

Former President and incumbent CCM chairman Ali Hassan Mwinyi has already indicated his willingness to step down early (presumably to help Mkapa's reform efforts)...

Displaying 21-23 out of 23 results.