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Newton David Kambala

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Chakwera makes a clean sweep of his cabinet

Especially damaging accusations against Energy Minister Newton Kambala soon followed and the President had to cast two of his closest allies and advisors into the wilderness over allegations they had tried to influence the award of fuel contracts (AC Vol 62 No 18 Allies prove a trial for the President)...


Allies prove a trial for the President

He sacked Chikosa Silungwe the Attorney-General on 2 August and two of his most senior aides were arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau alongside the Energy Minister Newton Kambala on corruption charges a week later...

Chakwera loses his lustre

Insiders claim the President wants a new distribution of ministerial portfolios especially to remove the UTM's Newton Kambala from the powerful energy ministry...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.