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Volker Perthes

Date of Birth: 16 May 1958
Place of Birth: Duisburg-Homberg, Germany

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Burhan lets the Islamists back in

Shuttle diplomacy on a broken loom On 10 May the African Union representative Mahamed el Hacen Ould Lebatt and the special UN envoy Volker Perthes were supposed to launch a new initiative to end the long and violent crisis that erupted with the latest coup in Sudan on 25 October last year (AC Vol 63 No 6 The junta runs out of bread and road)...


Schisms in the junta are widening

That's another reason for Burhan to court the Friends of Sudan and of the man leading international efforts to resolve Sudan's crisis: UN Special Representative for Sudan Volker Perthes...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.