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Tendai Laxton Biti

Date of Birth: 6 August 1966
Place of Birth: Dzivaresekwa, Harare

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From the other side

Another MDC frontliner will be human rights lawyer Tendai Biti currently the party's Secretary for Land and Agriculture who is to push for a return to the 1998 agreement on land reform which provides for the redistribution of at least 5 million hectares of land in a framework that will bring in outside funding for the land's development...

Unmoved movers

The MDC's powerful lawyers include Tendai Biti who successfully challenged the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act on behalf of the ZCTU and is a member of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers' Association; David Coltart from Bulawayo once singled out by President Robert Mugabe as among the 'rabble-rousers' who must decide whether to remain in Zimbabwe or not...

Displaying 121-122 out of 122 results.