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Isaak Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge (Stan)

Date of Birth: 17 December 1941
Place of Birth: Zimuto, Masvingo
Died: 4 October 2012

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Multi-party Mugabe

Historian Stan Mudenge stays on as Foreign Minister and he like Mahachi is frequently blamed for the government's diplomatic and strategic mistakes although he has little effective power independently of the presidency...

Commonwealth collapse

Chaired by Zimbabwe Foreign Minister Stan Mudenge the CMAG meeting watched the Nigerians comprehensively outmanoeuvre the Commonwealth ministers...


Muzenda was said to want to be followed by a fellow Masvingo man either Stan Mudenge (Foreign Affairs) or Josaya Hungwe (Provincial Governor)...

Sacking the Sultan

Meeting on 23 April the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group – which includes South Africa's Alfred Nzo Zimbabwe's Stan Mudenge and Ghana's Obed Asamoah – recommended a sports boycott freezing the military rulers' overseas assets and cutting air links...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.