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Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi

Date of Birth: 7 June 1942
Place of Birth: Sirte
Died: 20 October 2011

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Trump talks peace

Russian technicians have been repairing and rehabilitating military equipment that Russia channelled to Moammar el Gadaffi's regime...

The politics of counter-terror

It was the West's fault for the NATO offensive which polished off Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi's rule and unleashed hordes of jihadists across Libya's southern borders...

Air strikes risk escalation

Turkish companies are owed some US$23 billion for unfinished projects and other debts in Libya from the Moammar el Gadaffi era...

No farewell to arms deals

Sarkozy now faces investigation in France over claims that he accepted illegal campaign contributions from Libya's Moammar el Gadaffi...

Doubts about unity deal

Those who have benefited include officers who were still serving under Moammer el Gadaffi's regime in 2011 including the new PC advisor Major General Abdullah Aoun...

Squaring the triangle

He is sufficiently emboldened now to believe he can dominate the one-year-old Government of National Accord which remains the official flag-bearer of international efforts to create a stable post-Moammar el Gadaffi state (AC Vol 57 No 6 Drawing a line in Libya)...

Displaying 11-20 out of 325 results.