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A Site Licence is the ideal online route for companies, organisations, or academic institutions wanting multi-person use. It provides instant access via IP addresses to the website without the inconvenience of having to remember a username and password. Pricing shown below is based on how many individuals wish to access the site at the same time.

Taking out a site licence has three stages

1. Choosing from the following how many concurrent users you wish to purchase a licence for

Corporate/Government Price List

  • 1-2 concurrent users: £2,205 or US$3,087
  • 3-6 concurrent users: £3,316 or US$4,642
  • 7-10 concurrent users: £4,201 or US$5,881
  • 11-15 concurrent users: £5,193 or US$7,270
  • 16-24 concurrent users: £5,973 or US$8,362
  • 25 + concurrent users: Upon application


Academic Institutions Price List

  • 1-2 concurrent users: £1,550 or US$2,170
  • 3-6 concurrent users: £2,300 or US$3,220
  • 7-10 concurrent users: £2,942 or US$4,119
  • 11-15 concurrent users: £3,561 or US$4,986
  • 16-24 concurrent users: £4,180 or US$5,852
  • 25 + concurrent users: Upon application


2. How many individuals will need to access the site?

  • Up to 100 different individuals (no additional charge)
  • More than 100 different individuals (add 20% to cost)
  • There is unlimited individual access for academic institutions


3. If you wish to proceed click here and you will be asked to provide your details. Academic institutions, please email subscriptions@africa-confidential.com.


To review the site licence agreement and prices select from the links below

  Africa Confidential Site Licence Price List 2018.pdf