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President Barack Hussein Obama

Date of Birth: 04/08/1961
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii

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When the clouds cried

The crowd gave a standing ovation to United States President Barack Obama's speech and cheered when he pointed out that many of those praising Mandela's commitment to equality and freedom were still repressing their own people...


More boots on the ground

In Asia France is a secondary player at best; for instance on Syria an old French stamping ground US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin take the big decisions...

Jammeh tightens the screw

In 2009 he was photographed with President Barack Obama but when he tried to see him again during Obama's June tour of Africa he was rebuffed...

The gay elephant

Homosexuality is illegal and subject to aggressive public hostility in Senegal and with the United States having so recently legally enabled gay marriage it was an elephant in the room where President Macky Sall met US President Barack Obama...

Protests fuel political crisis

It also complicates the work of United States’ diplomats preparing for President Barack Obama’s visit later this month...

Displaying 61-70 out of 162 results.