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Côte d’Ivoire

Charles Blé Goudé

Date of Birth: 1/02/1972
Place of Birth: Guibéroua / Kpogrobouo

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Forever delayed

This rabid nationalism is the source of Gbagbo's power and that of the Jeunes Patriotes, led by the charismatic xenophobe Charles Blé Goudé...

A do-it-yourself peace

The loyalist soldiers concerned - popularly referred to as the 'Génération Blé Goudé', after the militant youth leader, Charles Blé Goudé, who inspired them - angrily reject any idea of being forced out of the army...

Strangers in the night

The daily Matin d'Abidjan close to Jeunes Patriotes' leader Charles Blé Goudé, is already blaming the attack on General Mathias Doué, the army chief who was sacked after President Laurent Gbagbo launched a failed attack against northern rebels in November 2004...

Foul play

Rabble-rousing FPI youth leaders such as Charles Blé Goudé wield significant power...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.