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Faiez Mustafa el Serraj

Date of Birth: 20/02/1960
Place of Birth: Tripoli

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Front lines in flux

On 8 January one of the remaining members Fathi el Majburi and his armed bodyguard burst into a meeting between Council President Faiez el Serraj and the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya Martin Kobler after a dispute between El Serraj and El Majburi over a string of recent Council decrees...

Cold and hot wars

A majority of Western states still back the Tripoli-based Presidency Council and Faiez el Serraj's Government of National Accord (GNA) as 'the only game in town' (AC Vol 57 No 6 Drawing a line in Libya)...

The scramble for the spoils

The weak Presidential Council leader Faiez el Serraj had been angling for months to engineer a deal with El Jathran to reopen the ports...

Drawing a line in Libya

While the Sabratha raid's Da'ish targets were enemies of most Libyan factions and Libyan authorities were quick to debrief US intelligence on the results GNA Premier Faiez el Serraj criticised 'a flagrant violation of the Libyan State's sovereignty'...


A cure that could kill

Prime Minister- designate Faiez el Serraj and other members of the Presidential Council visited Zliten after the bombing and were held at gunpoint by members of the same militias who had pledged to support the GNA...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.