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David Ndii

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Warnings of a bad election

It included some of the most-respected intellectuals and activists: Kisumu Senator Professor Peter Anyang' Nyong'o economist and columnist David Ndii University of Nairobi political scientist Adams Oloo lawyer and human rights activist Maina Kiai anti-corruption crusader John Githongo and lawyer and columnist George Kegoro...

The figures don’t add up

In his widely-read Daily Nation column CORD's in-house economic policy advisor David Ndii claims that Jubilee's mega-projects – such as the Chinese-funded US$4 billion Mombasa-Nairobi standard-gauge railway – are a conduit for mega-corruption that will incur an unsustainable foreign debt and he accuses Jubilee of incompetence and of 'lying about the government wage bill' (AC Vol 55 No 4 No way to run a railway)...

Donors defeated

These include: Jimnah Mbaru Chairman of the Nairobi Stock Exchange and Director of Dyer and Blair Securities; Linus Aluoch Polo a Nairobi financial consultant; James Karuga a former financial secretary; Peter Warutere editor of the Economic Review David Ndii who previously worked with the World Bank; and Francis Mweiga of the African Research Consortium...

Displaying 11-13 out of 13 results.