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Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda (KK)

Date of Birth: 28 April 1924
Place of Birth: Chinsali

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Chilling Chiluba

Eight members of former President Kenneth Kaunda's United National Independence Party have been charged with organising a shadowy group called 'Black Mamba' which the government blames for a bombing campaign...

Holding out hope

In Zambia, for example, multi-party elections in 1991 overwhelmingly rejected President Kenneth Kaunda' s corrupt regime...

A return match 

Zambians are the clear losers in the three-cornered fight between President Frederick Chiluba, his predecessor Kenneth Kaunda and Western donors ahead of October's elections...

All the more so because ex-President Kenneth Kaunda disagrees with President Frederick Chiluba's privatisation strategy, which he considers too dependent on South Africa's Anglo- American...

Displaying 81-83 out of 83 results.