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Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda (KK)

Date of Birth: 28 April 1924
Place of Birth: Chinsali

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No vote for UNIP

The elections have been set for 18 November despite ex-President Kenneth Kaunda's insistence that the United National Independence Party and five other parties will boycott them...

Chilling Chiluba

Eight members of former President Kenneth Kaunda's United National Independence Party have been charged with organising a shadowy group called 'Black Mamba' which the government blames for a bombing campaign...

Holding out hope

In Zambia for example multi-party elections in 1991 overwhelmingly rejected President Kenneth Kaunda' s corrupt regime...

A return match 

Zambians are the clear losers in the three-cornered fight between President Frederick Chiluba his predecessor Kenneth Kaunda and Western donors ahead of October's elections...

All the more so because ex-President Kenneth Kaunda disagrees with President Frederick Chiluba's privatisation strategy which he considers too dependent on South Africa's Anglo- American...

Displaying 81-84 out of 84 results.