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Vital Kamerhe

Date of Birth: 1961
Place of Birth: Bukavu, South Kivu

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Massacre questions

Before Mbeki arrived Kabila had called Ruberwa's pullout 'a joke'; the new head of Kabila's Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie (PPRD) Vital Kamerhe who is from Bukavu described the RCD's pullout as 'treason'...

To plot or not

Information Minister Vital Kamerhe (PPRD) went on state television at about 10...

Peace or bust

Many of the so-called militiamen are the women and children of soldiers from Sudan Burundi and Uganda according to Information Minister Vital Kamerhe who gave assurances that the weapons would be destroyed by UN peacekeepers while the fighters had agreed to be sent home to their countries of origin...

Nobody's moving

On top of the disagreement over senior military appointments the government official in charge of the peace process Vital Kamerhe accused the RCD-Goma of wanting 'to continue behaving like a rebel movement setting up bases in government-controlled territory while behaving also like a political party'; he demanded that the RCD-Goma seek recognition as a party from Kabila's Interior Ministry and complained that the 'peace caravan' organised by the civil society movement had not been admitted to rebel-held territory...

Cable controversy

The circulation of the cables coincides with a tour of North America and Europe by Kinshasa Information Minister Kikaya bin Karubi and the Commissioner General in charge of the Great Lakes Vital Kamerhe making similar accusations against the Kampala and Kigali governments...

Displaying 51-55 out of 55 results.