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Vol 61 No 10

Published 14th May 2020


False report of an assassination attempt against President Kenyatta

Dear Readers


False report of an assassination attempt against President Kenyatta

This is to inform you that a meme circulating on social media today purportedly of a story published by Africa Confidential with the headline 'The Plot to Assassinate Uhuru' is a fabrication.

Africa Confidential has not published any such story with that headline or text as you can confirm from our website and digital archive. Our editorial team goes to great lengths to check the accuracy of all our reports and analyses – it is central to our journalistic commitment to you. 

Only fully verified reports will appear on the Africa Confidential website and archive and linked to our social media feeds. Along with most journalists, we are determined to uphold the need for reliable and accurate information as a public good and reject all attempts to manipulate the print and electronic media.

We’re currently trying to track down who might be behind this fabrication and how they might have hoped to benefit from it. In the meantime, we send Kenyans our very best wishes as part as we all try to push back the global coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and in good health.


Best regards,


Bryan Pearson & Patrick Smith

Managing Director & Editor,

Africa Confidential







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