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Another win for President Tshisekedi as parliament censures Prime Minister Sylvestre Illunga and clearing the way for a new government

Political shift in Kinshasa threatens former leader Kabila and his business associates

The government of Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga, a close ally of former president Joseph Kabila, has fallen after the National Assembly in Kinshasa passed a censure motion against him. This is the biggest boost that President Félix Tshisekedi has achieved so far in his year long campaign to claw back power over the economy and security from his predecessor, Kabila.

Tshisekedi hopes his Union Sacrée coalition will replace former President Joseph Kabila's Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC) as the dominant force in parliament. The ability of Tshisekedi allies to force out two Kabila allies, first the speaker Jeannine Mabunda, and now premier Ilunga, suggests the President on nearing his goal (Vol 61 No 25, President nearer to power and Vol 62 No 2, No get out of jail card).

Forcing out Ilunga collapses the government and allows Tshisekedi to nominate a cabinet of his choosing after two years of cohabitation with Kabila's FCC which has retained control of most key ministries. There are reports from Kinshasa that Kabila, his security and business ties under threat, has been trying to negotiate some legal protection from the Tshisekedi government.

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