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Moncef Marzouki

President, Tunisia

On 31 May, Tunisia hosted the fifth China-Arab Cooperation Forum in Hammamet. For China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, it was the first such meeting since the Arab Spring swept th...

Soldier against Muslim Brother

The first presidential round showed that the political ground is shifting and may continue to do so, whoever wins the second round

Whatever the outcome of the presidential run-off between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Mursi, the first-round results have much to say about how electoral politics have been evolving si...

NTC puts poll in doubt

Abdel Jalil and his circle of lawyers are reluctant to put their rule to the test

Preparations for the first national elections in more than four decades, scheduled for 19 June, have placed the post-Gadaffi state under severe pressure. The opaque and unaccountab...

Zoning in and zoning out

The Chinese special economic zone in Algeria is yet another case where plans to replicate successful Asian policies met with unpredictable local conditions.

Bouncing the Spring

The Islamist electoral challenge petered out but a low turnout and spoiled ballots dented the credibility of the polls

The Alliance d’Algérie verte (Green Alliance) of ‘moderate Islamist’ parties was severely disappointed by its poor showing in the 10 May elections. The parties had not been alone i...

Presiding over chaos

The presidential election is likely to go ahead but pitched battles over the new constitution are set to continue

Political turmoil has followed the rejection of several candidates for the presidential election, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat el Shater and the Salafist hopeful, Haz...

Israel and the energy crisis

Cairo’s cancellation of gas exports to Israel owe more to commerical interests than ideological conviction

The state-owned Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (Egas) had plenty of reasons to end the gas export deal with Israel’s East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) and the Cairo government had...

Keep smiling

In tough economic times, Islamist Premier Benkirane charms his critics while Mohammed VI in the Palace tries to keep pace

The economy is not growing fast enough to create the jobs needed, police continue to clash with protestors around the country and the Prime Minister’s coalition partners are not ha...

Differences sharpen in presidential poll

The battle lines and electoral calculations are becoming clearer

The Muslim Brotherhood’s nomination of its deputy leader, Khairat el Shater, as presidential candidate on 5 April reflects the MB’s sharply deteriorating relations with the ruling ...

The men who would be Rais

Khairat el Shater: A successful businessman, El Shater spent twelve years in prison under President Hosni Mubarak. From his cell, he still took a leading role in the Muslim Broth...

Displaying 231-240 out of 517 results.