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  • 26th May 2016

Thinking big

Blue Lines

Taking over the presidency of the African Development Bank from Rwanda's Donald Kaberuka, whose combination of political savvy and straight talking on economics put the Bank back on the global map, was always going to be tough. The tenure of new President...

  • 17th May 2016

West in talks to fight Da'ish and consolidate new Tripoli regime

Patrick Smith

This week starts with talks on Libya's crisis in Vienna and negotiations in Nigeria over the fuel price increase. Kenya's government makes further moves to close down the world's biggest refugee camp and Uganda's most prominent opposition leader is held o...

  • 12th May 2016

Conventions of anti-corruption

Blue Lines

The big problem with the Anti-Corruption Summit organised by British Prime Minister David Cameron on 12 May was that no one could agree on what it was for. It invited Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari, Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos Calderón and Afghanistan's Ash...

  • 4th May 2016

Warnings on economic slowdown and policy shifts

Patrick Smith

This week there are some sobering warnings from the IMF and some rambunctious election-campaign launches in South Africa. Pressure continues to increase on Nigeria's President Buhari to devalue the naira or set up a new exchange rate for specified transac...

  • 28th April 2016

Getting serious about democracy

Blue Lines

Unencumbered by the African Union's need to reach a consensus among its 54 member states, the Tana Security Forum, which also meets each year in Ethiopia, is expanding its influence as it confronts some of the more unpalatable realities of political stabi...

  • 14th April 2016

Voting for change

Blue Lines

This year’s flurry of ostensibly competitive elections is prompting some activists to rethink their assessment of the forward march of democratic politics in Africa. After the unprecedented victory of the opposition presidential candidate in Nigeria, Afri...

  • 13th April 2016

Buhari's team gets US$6 billion loan for infrastructure and boosts use of yuan

Patrick Smith

This week, there is some better economic news for Nigeria after President Buhari's trip to Beijing but more worries about pressure on banks in Kenya. Although Chadian President Déby looks confident of victory after general elections on 10 April, another ...

  • 6th April 2016

Panama documents cast light on shady politicians and businesses in Africa

Patrick Smith

This week the leak of the details of over 10 million account documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca dominates the news and African activists start to probe the list to track their politicians and business people. Then there is the drama of co...

  • 31st March 2016

Engines of development

Blue Lines

Despite pressure from the doom-sayers amid the commodity price crash, some big battalions in Africa are fighting back with ambitious new projects that could create growth and jobs – if they go ahead. Most significant is the US$5.42 billion deal between Ke...

  • 17th March 2016

Time to make the corruption crackdowns pay

Blue Lines

It was Kenya's graft-buster-in-chief in 2002, John Githongo, who observed that anti-corruption was good politics. And so it proved until he stumbled on the wrong political skeletons in the closet. President Mwai Kibaki did nothing to defend Githongo, who ...

Displaying 331-340 out of 480 results.