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New technology, new repression

Authoritarian regimes’ use of cellphones is under the spotlight

One of the most striking aspects of last year’s North African revolutions was the use of new technology as a tool for political organisation – and to outwit flatfooted dictatorship...

Uganda to miss digital deadline

As Huawei Technologies hits trouble in Uganda, Chinese communications projects encounter legal problems from East Africa down to Southern Africa

Uganda may miss the East African Community’s deadline of December 2012 for all member states to switch from analogue to digital television. In early August, Uganda’s communicat...

Raids and rivalries

A raid on telecoms company ZTE has called attention to illegal immigration and the rough competition between Chinese companies in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs,...

Who can you call?

Another attempt at privatising fixed-line operator Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd. (Nitel) and mobile operator Mtel has failed.

Manoj Kohli

Chief Executive Officer (International Operations), Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel, India's largest mobile services company, at last acquired long-coveted African assets when it completed the purchase of Zain's Africa operations for US$10.7 billio...

MTN-Bharti merger

Despite shareholder concerns the deal between Africa's and India's biggest mobile companies is set to go ahead this year

The planned US$20 billion merger of Africa's Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN) and India's Bharti Airtel would bring together two continental giants to form the world's third large...

Wired for growth

Chinese companies lead their Indian and Japanese counterparts into African telecoms, the world's fastest growing market

The battle for African telecoms is on. From the ground up, from the base stations and transmitting equipment to the rival cellphone companies, Asian and European companies are co...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.