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Leaders who retire, leaders who don't

As President Mugabe tightens his grip on power, other African heads of state announce they intend to retire gracefully

Zimbabwe nyderopa! The Chimurenga song title means 'Zimbabwe was won through bloodshed'. The presidential election due on 10 March looks set to follow the pattern. In late 2001, si...

Dark prospect

The Zambia National Tourist Board's Marketing Manager claims 'Zambia is currently enjoying competitive advantage as a tourist destination due to the solar eclipse'.

Acts of God

Rain, like drought, respects no frontiers. Downpours starting in Namibia fill Zimbabwe's Kariba Dam, which spills over and fills Mozambique's Cahora Bassa Dam, which spills over on...

Revolving doors

President Thabo Mbeki himself is, and will remain, the central issue of South African politics: 2000 was a bad year for him, with perceived failures over unemployment, crime, Zimba...

Decision time

South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki will press for the adoption of a defence pact by the 14-strong Southern African Development Community. It will be presented as a 'reform packag...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.