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As global rules are renegotiated, Africa may get left behind again

Only seven heads of state turned up for the summit of African, Caribbean and Pacific states in Maputo on 23-24 June. Africa looks set to lose the secretary general's post, held sin...

Replaying the aid game

Transforming Europe means changing its post-colonial trade relations too

With ten new members coming aboard in May, a new constitution the subject of fierce debate and the European Parliament facing elections in May 2004, the European Union is in a stat...

Brussels dawn

It was dawn in Brussels on 9 December when ministers from the European Union and the African, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) nations wearily ended their negotiations. They had failed to ...

Trading standards

Negotiations for the Lomé Convention’s successor opened in Brussels on 30 September. The deafening lack of publicity reflected the climate of doom: many see this as the end of the ...

Bongo's beanfeast

It was an achievement, of a kind, that the first- ever European Union Afro-Caribbean Pacific Group summit meeting was held at all. Gabon's President Omar Bongo had invited to Libre...

Clouds over summit

There is anxiety in Libreville and Brussels that events in Congo-Brazzaville might stop guests turning up at the first ever summit of the African-Caribbean-Pacific states, due in G...

It's my party

Solve one problem and another turns up for the African-Caribbean-Pacific states. In Western Samoa on 24-26 June, ACP ministers will have a short-list of one from which to pick thei...

Displaying 11-18 out of 18 results.