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The focus shifts

After dislodging the Taliban in Afghanistan the USA has north-east Africa in its sights

This week, policymakers in Washington are debating what to do about Islamist terrorists in the Horn of Africa. There is much excited talk about joint anti-terror operations involvi...

Regional collisions

The Eritrea-Ethiopia war is helping the Islamist regime in Khartoum and further destabilising Djibouti and Somalia

The main beneficiary of the Eritrean-Ethiopian war (AC Vol 40 No 4, Pride and prejudice & My enemy's enemy) is Sudan’s National Islamic Front government. A year ago, both...

Eritrea and its cousins

The odds are stacked against Eritrea. Ethiopia has a bigger and better equipped army and airforce, and a bigger population and economy to sustain a long war. But President Issaya...

Long war, quick fix

Outsiders contemplate a north-south peace that helps the NIF and weakens its opponents

Western governments have a plan for the independence of southern Sudan. The proposals have the blessing of the Sudan government but bypass Sudan's neighbours in the Inter-Governmen...

Standing on the south

Since conflict erupted on 31 December 1955, the day before Sudan’s Independence, several million people have died in the war in the south.It’ shard,therefore,tofindasou...


As Sudanese opposition attacks from Eritrea and Ethiopia have grown, Ethiopian and Eritrean dissident groups have made alliances. Sudan strongman Hassan el Turabi threatens to use ...

Strategic, and shaky

African leaders are openly pointing to Sudan as the main obstacle to stability in this troubled region

Geography makes them strategic, recent history has made them poor. Among the states around the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia has had its revolution and is trying to make decentralisatio...

Displaying 11-17 out of 17 results.