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How crooks still exploit the system

Gems from war zones are part of a wider illegal diamond trade

Blood diamonds, the fruit of wars, are fashionable both in Hollywood and among documentary film-makers, with productions such as 'Blood Diamond' and 'Blood on the Stone'. This worr...

Rough diamonds

A company with a controversial past blazes a new trail across the continent

The South African heading the controversial DiamondWorks company, Antonio Carlos Teixeira, better known as 'Tony', is a man in a hurry. He is expanding DiamondWorks' mining operati...

Blood from stones

De Beers' diamond empire wants to polish its reputation – and its product

De Beers, the company which dominates world diamonds, hopes to maintain both its share of the market and the reputation of its gems. At stake, among other things, is the prosperity...

Dirty laundry

An arms and diamond trader linked to diamond-laundering in Liberia (AC Vol 41 No 13) has been gaoled in Italy for possession of cocaine.

Masters of war

The UN's latest probe into the arms-for-gems trade is exposing the political and business networks behind West Africa's wars

The sanctions gumshoes are on the trail again. This time, they have Liberian and Burkinabè Presidents Charles Taylor and Blaise Compaoré in their sights. A United Nat...

Tracking Angola's gems

A scheme to register diamonds and diggers may help to regulate the trade

Angola has started registering the first of 300-350,000 garimpeiros, the 'informal' diamond diggers who find stones where the big companies don't look. This is the government's lat...

Displaying 11-16 out of 16 results.