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Banned, still deadly

The campaign against anti-personnel mines (APM) has grown fast. The Ottawa Convention banning them came into force on 1 March, when 134 governments had signed and 65 ratified it. T...


Contrary to our article in AC Vol 38 No 25, Sudan is a signatory of the international treaty banning anti-personnel landmines (APMs) agreed in Ottawa in December. However, Khartoum...

Africa's role

Africa has played a leading role in the campaign to ban anti-personnel landmines (APMs, AC Vol 38 No 5). Of a total of 122 countries, 39 African states signed the treaty banning AP...

Seeds of death

Anti-personnel mines are cheap, long-lasting and deadly. Now there are hopes for a ban

Campaigners against land-mines were encouraged by an announcement by South African Defence Minister Joe Modise on 20 February. His country had banned the use and manufacture of ant...

Mineclearers incorporated

Some US$45 million has been invested in mine clearance in Southern Africa since May 1991. Non-profit organisations have set the pace in pushing for mine clearance but competition i...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.