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Aiming high

China will soon surge ahead to become Congo's leading partner but not before sorting out employment and artisanal mining issues

Congo-Kinshasa will outstrip its rivals over the next two years to become the world's second largest copper producer (behind Chile), with a total annual production of 1.94 million ...

Heading north

Africa's biggest gold-mining company is now a prime takeover target

South Africa's giant Anglo American Corporation (AAC) is moving away from its African roots. It is restructuring and may be taken over by an American corporation. It controls Anglo...

The end of a boom

Production is up, demand has slackened, politics are difficult and hopes are high

Africa's mining houses expect their fortunes to dip over the next three years, as new production increases supply. In 2005, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit in London, ...


Efforts by South Africa's Harmony to create the world's biggest gold mining group by taking over another SA mining house, Gold Fields, hit new problems this week with Harmony's adm...

Displaying 31-34 out of 34 results.