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Africa probes the Panama connection

The Panama Papers have prompted governments to look more seriously at the costs of trade mispricing and illicit financial flows

Following the leak of over eleven million company files from the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama on 3 April, many African activists and law enforcement officers have been search...


Ecobank's next act

Albert Essien, the new Chief Executive of Ecobank, told delegates at the Africa CEO Forum in Geneva on 18 March that the bank would relentlessly focus on the future after its recen...

Tanoh goes as Ecobank cleans house

Ecobank dismisses Chief Executive Thierry Tanoh and reinstates the sacked whistle-blowing Finance Director

In what regional financial experts describe as striking a blow for good governance, on 11 March the board of Ecobank pushed out its Chief Executive Officer Thierry Tanoh, the Ivori...

Boardroom battles hit Ecobank

Tough decisions face one of Africa’s most respected banks: its Chairman and Chief Executive are under scrutiny for claimed malpractice

Directors of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI), Africa’s biggest cross-border lender, are due to hold another emergency meeting on 20 September to resolve the crisis o...

The IMF asks the 5 billion euro question

Fund officials in Washington want more reforms at Central Africa's regional bank after uncovering billions of dollars of unauthorised dealings

Central African finance ministers will face more awkward questions about fraud at their central bank, the Banque des états de l'Afrique centrale, at the annual meeting of th...


Consolidation and growth

As Africa posts its strongest economic growth for two decades on the back of buoyant commodity prices, the continent's banks are also thriving. Recent financial reforms have shaken...

Starting small

Bankers are eyeing Africa for signs of the promised economic renaissance

African finance ministers are frustrated by the speed at which international financial institutions have moved to help bail out ailing East Asian economies, comparing this to the l...

Toes in the water 

Commercial bankers are getting interested again in financing African trade

The risks seem to be growing smaller, the chances of fat short-term profits greater. Commercial banks are cautiously moving into the financing of sub-Saharan Africa's trade, spurre...

Funding fall-off

African Development Bank President Morocco's Omar Kabbaj hopes to have reached agreement with donors on a US$2,700 million replenishment for the African Development Fund (ADF 7) ne...

Displaying 1-9 out of 9 results.