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Population: 41.32 mn.
GDP: $170.37 bn.
Debt: $5.7 bn.

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Divided they rise

'The book is closed definitively' on the Front Islamique du Salut, President Lamine Zeroual has told other participants in his political dialogue. The 'eradication' policy favoured...

Digging deep

The discovery of a gigantic oil and gas field that could more than double national output greatly strengthens a government which has looked besieged by Islamists. It allows Preside...

Soldiers hold on

Democratisation is the slogan but the soldiers are not letting go. On 12 May, President Lamine Zeroual unveiled a political reform package which looks forward to a 'national confer...

Zeroual's next move

Disarray in the Islamist opposition is making the President more confident

Following his convincing win in November's election, President Lamine Zeroual faces the much harder task of holding legislative elections this year. Harder for him because he hasn'...

Displaying 111-114 out of 114 results.