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Population: 41.32 mn.
GDP: $170.37 bn.
Debt: $5.7 bn.

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Patriot games

The arrest of over 100 members of 'patriot' militias, including the Presidents of the Relizane and Djidiouia Assemblées Populaires Communales, for involvement in 'extra-judicial ex...

Europe's concern

The European Union’s 20-21 January trip to Algiers achieved little. Public pressure in Europe and North Africa to stem a spiralling death toll had forced the EU to appear to ...

Rule by authority

The latest elections haven't changed the Maghreb governments' absolutist methods

For all their differences, the rulers of the two big Maghreb neighbours share some important traits. They fear Islamist revolutionaries and are offering a small share of power to s...


Three Algerians have been charged in London with 'possession of articles for the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorist acts outside the UK': police found chemicals, b...

In between the killers

Democracy, as well as thousands of lives, is being lost as the army fights the Islamists

The battered opposition, Western governments and the international media reacted warily to the declared results of Algeria's general elections on 5 June. The pro-regime Rassembleme...

Patriot games

The government's friends will win the elections but militias are profilerating

With all the country's leading legal opposition parties committed to participating in general elections on 5 June, a constitution in place which gives the presidency scope to contr...

The parties line up

Rassemblement National Démocratique (RND): Algeria's newest party is expected to win because of its close relations with the presidency. RND leader Abdelkader Bensalah is Pr...

The battle for power

The murder campaign during Ramadan shows that the Islamists remain undefeated and points to fierce in-fighting in the regime

Ramadan is over but the wave of terror during the holy month leaves a bitter legacy. Dozens of villagers died in attacks by Groupe Islamique Armé units – many had thei...

Voting amid terror

The referendum is over, the generals are entrenched but the terror continues

Officially, the turnout was just under 80 per cent. The government claimed that, of those who voted, just over 85 per cent voted 'Yes'. Even the regime's closest European supporter...

Towards breaking point

Foreign backers talk up economic and military successes but few Algerians believe their problems are nearly over

After a long pause to bask in his unexpectedly comfortable victory in November's presidential election (AC Vol 37 No 2), President Lamine Zeroual has moved to consolidate his polit...

Displaying 101-110 out of 114 results.