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A very private war II

Erynis Iraq replies to Africa Confidential

Further to your article 'South Africa/Iraq: A very private war' of 11 June 2004 (AC Vol 45 No 12), we wish to respond to the allegations made.

A very private war

A Pretoria-based military company is at the centre of a security row in Iraq

South African-based Erinys International (AC Vol 45 No 4) and its affiliate Erinys Iraq have secured the renewal of their US$50 million contract, awarded by Iraq's Coalition Provis...

Bombed out

The death of ex-special forces officer Frans Strydom in a bomb explosion in Baghdad in early February is focusing attention on South African mercenaries doing security work in Iraq...

Odious debt

Forthcoming negotiations on cancelling much of Iraq's US$120-130 billion debt will have repercussions for Africa's most indebted states. Defenders of the status quo on poor country...

Catching the flak

Africa opposes a war in Iraq which will worsen the region's economic and security problems

The United States-led war against Iraq is as unpopular in Africa as it is in Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Asia. African governments, none of which, except Sudan, have cl...

The new American way

Africa's hopes of fairer trade, debt relief and more help to tackle the AIDS pandemic are being thwarted by deepening divisions between rich countries over the Iraq war. Growing an...

Oil empires

Some US hawks see African oil as a strategic alternative to Gulf oil. The reality is less dramatic

Africa will be a net loser from the war in Iraq. Even if the war ends quickly, the effects of higher oil prices and the redirection of trade, investment and aid to the Middle East ...

Bum steer

The National Islamic Front government aims to persuade the West it holds the smoking gun on Iraq, we hear. To attack President Saddam Hussein, the United States and Britain despera...

Uranium trail

British Premier Tony Blair's claim that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein tried to get 'significant quantities of uranium from Africa' seems to be drawn from sources in South Africa a...

Political chemistry

A key reason why the United States bombed El Shifa factory on 20 August (AC Vol 39 No 17) was because of its links to Iraq, Africa Confidential has learned. US and British intell...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.