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Jen-Chih 'Robert' Huang

Chief Executive Officer, Mpisi 74

South Africa has been a land of opportunity and peril for Taiwan’s Robert Huang, an essential link in a series of deals connecting Asian companies to the presidential family. He fi...

Wu Den-yih

Premier, Taiwan

Taiwan has kept a low-profile in Africa lately but that will change in late December when Premier Wu Den-yih pays a visit to Burkina Faso. Wu is set to attend the re-inauguration o...

Changing sides with profit

Malawi has profitably switched its allegiance to China from Taiwan with a price tag of over US$350 million. In the past two years, China has taken over road and building projects...

Wang Jin-pyng

President, Legislative Yuan, Taiwan

Since President Ma Ying-jeou took office in 2008, Taiwan has taken a low-key approach to international affairs in order to assuage China. For Taiwan's remaining African allies -...

The long shadow of dollar diplomacy

Five years after Senegal’s break in diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the island state which only has 23 diplomatic allies continues to haunt political life. At the heart of the ...

Mike Hung

Chairman, Taiwan-Africa Industrial Development Association

Taiwan’s entrepreneurs are loath to let geopolitical concerns stand in the way of a good deal. In the 1980s, while the governments of Taipei and Beijing continued to clash over Tai...

Stephen Shu-hung Shen

Environmental Protection Administration Minister, Taiwan

While the cosy ties between Beijing and Taipei make headlines, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency has become a surreptitious agent of foreign policy. More surprisingly, the A...

Sitting on the fence

Taipei cannot turn to its African allies to improve lagging exports, but pins its hopes instead on reaching an understanding with Beijing

Africa is almost off Taiwan’s diplomatic radar. In contrast to the attention lavished by Chinese leaders on countries across the continent, Taiwan’s relations with its four Afric...

Chin-tien (Timothy) Yang

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan

One of the Taiwan's most experienced Africanist diplomats now appointed as Foreign Minister, Chin-tien (Timothy) Yang keeps carefully to the new script which paradoxically down...

With your permission

On 7 May, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a long-delayed white paper on foreign aid confirming what Taipei's allies are keenly aware of: Taiwan's foreign aid has dro...

Displaying 11-20 out of 31 results.