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Population: 1.33 bn.
GDP: $2.6 trn.
Debt: $513.2 bn.

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In the Navy

The exercise of power on Africa's seas

India has defined Africa as part of its wider strategic interest and is concerned about nuclear rival China's encroachment on what it perceives as its'wider sphere of influence' a...

Chalo Africa

The Indians are making moves in the diamond market, but will it last forever?

Indian Commerce Minister Jairam Ramesh cut a deal with Endiama, Angola's state-owned diamond company, to facilitate the direct sale of stones to India by mid-2009. India is also ex...

Speedy motors miracle

Surprising customers and competitors, India's car exports are now beginning to capture Africa's markets

After a long courtship India's biggest car manufacturers are looking for rapid expansion in African markets. Indian vehicle makers are bullish on Africa and engaged in steadily e...

Firing up the coal

India needs coal to fire up its growth, freight rates from Australia's mines have soared, and India's own coal-mines are crippled by price controls and labour regulations. So imp...

Delhi reaches out

An all encompassing agenda for a summit in April shows India’s determination to strengthen relations with Africa

India is seeking to carve out a distinct relationship with Africa, as part of a new competition for resources and diplomatic support, Foreign Ministry officials in New Delhi have...

India's nuclear family

Trying to skirt international treaty obligations, India is making a big move in African uranium

Faced with a uranium shortage at home, Indian companies are beginning to looking to African uranium producers to meet the country’s civilian and military needs, according t...

    Vol 1 (AAC) No 4 |

Murli Deora

Former Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, India

Diamonds are not forever

India’s diamond industry looks to African independent producers as supplies from diamond giant De Beers dry up

Indian diamond traders are being forced to import rough diamonds directly from overseas suppliers after South Africa-based De Beers, the world’s largest supplier, recently sl...

    Vol 1 (AAC) No 3 |

Raman Dhawan

Managing Director, Tata Africa Holdings

Strategic partnerships

India competes with China and the West in the rush for contracts, metals and energy

India is upgrading diplomatic, economic and strategic ties with several African states in the search for oil and gas to meet its energy needs, which are expected to double by 201...

Displaying 121-130 out of 132 results.