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Hosting Hamas

Khartoum’s hopes of removal from the United States’ state sponsors of terrorism list took a knock on 5 April when Israel bombed a vehicle near Port Sudan, killing two. Independent ...

A business and strategic foray

As Iran spreads its influence in Africa, Israel tries to return to a continent where it once had many friends

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s five-country trip to Africa on 2-9 September showed the extent of diplomatic ground which Israel has lost over the past three decades, since th...

Exit Arkady

A quarrel over business spoils seems to lie behind the hasty departure of Russo-Israeli businessman Arkady Gaydamak from Luanda late last month.

Promised land

Egypt's arrest of a Sudanese attempting to cross into Israel on 17 January points to a new problem for Darfur refugees. Nearly 300 Sudanese have crossed the border from Sinai in th...

Aliyu and the drones

The row over a US$200 million contract won by Israel's Aeronautics Ventures to supply aerial drones for use in the Niger Delta coincides with last week's sacking of National Securi...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.