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Gas, cash and votes

As elections approach, money and favours change hands and the gas boom unleashes a torrent of competing companies and politicians

With the race underway to exploit the massive gas reserves off the coast of Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces, economic power and now political power is shifting northwards. That ...

Secrets of the dam builder

Sudan has now thrown its weight behind the Millennium Dam, at a time when curiosity about the contractor, Salini, was already growing

As Egyptian, Ethiopian and Sudanese ministers sat down to discuss the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on 9 December, one item was notably absent from the agenda. The role of Salini...

Salini looks to expand

Salini has merged with a Milan-based multinational construction competitor. A Salini statement said that a September Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Impregilo SpA, a 1...

Men of honour

For seven years Italian and American police have been trying to extradite Vito Palazzolo and now they may be too late

The net is finally closing around convicted money launderer and Cape Town bon viveur, Vito Roberto Palazzolo. He is wanted by the Italian police on charges (which he emphatically d...


Italy is back in the Horn of Africa. The trigger was Romano Prodi's appointment as Prime Minister in May. Driving the revival (of which there are signs elsewhere on the continent, ...

Displaying 11-16 out of 16 results.