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Population: 5.26 mn.
GDP: $8.72 bn.
Debt: $4.46 bn.

news from Congo-Brazzaville

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Cleaned out

As questions are raised about oil production, cash and crude both need a clean up

Congo-Brazzaville is broke, chronically indebted and at odds with the International Monetary Fund, whose technicians say that 57 billion CFA francs (US$102.3 million) of this year'...

Old guard, new guard

After five transitional years, the former President has a new mandate – of sorts

President Denis Sassou Nguesso chose a significant date to end the long transition that began with his forces' defeat of Pascal Lissouba in October 1997. The Fête Nationale o...

By other means

President Sassou Nguesso claims a mandate but has restarted the civil war

Congo-Brazzaville's hidden conflict and flawed parliamentary elections show how thin a veneer of democracy covers recycled dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso. The official results from ...

Long wait

The draft constitution gives the president full executive powers and two consecutive seven-year terms. President Denis Sassou-Nguesso (AC Vol 42 No 7) will refer it to the people t...

Settling Sassou

The President wants a peace process - on his own terms

President Denis Sassou-Nguesso knows a lot about the national conferences and conventions that are supposed to precede democracy. The last one in his country, in 1992, threw him in...

Displaying 51-60 out of 72 results.