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Population: 6.31m
GDP: $15.5bn
Debt: 94.6% of GDP (2024)

news from Congo-Brazzaville

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Brazzaville breakdown

As the President boosts his family's power, the ruling coalition is cracking up

The peace process has run out of steam, key politicians remain in exile, and veterans in the ruling Parti Congolais du Travail (PCT) increasingly resent the dominant role of member...

Cleaned out

As questions are raised about oil production, cash and crude both need a clean up

Congo-Brazzaville is broke, chronically indebted and at odds with the International Monetary Fund, whose technicians say that 57 billion CFA francs (US$102.3 million) of this year'...

Old guard, new guard

After five transitional years, the former President has a new mandate – of sorts

President Denis Sassou Nguesso chose a significant date to end the long transition that began with his forces' defeat of Pascal Lissouba in October 1997. The Fête Nationale o...

By other means

President Sassou Nguesso claims a mandate but has restarted the civil war

Congo-Brazzaville's hidden conflict and flawed parliamentary elections show how thin a veneer of democracy covers recycled dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso. The official results from ...

Long wait

The draft constitution gives the president full executive powers and two consecutive seven-year terms. President Denis Sassou-Nguesso (AC Vol 42 No 7) will refer it to the people t...

Displaying 51-60 out of 73 results.