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Population: 5.26 mn.
GDP: $8.72 bn.
Debt: $4.46 bn.

news from Congo-Brazzaville

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Manège à trois

Mysterious documents are doing the rounds in Paris claiming that Sassou wants to retire

To judge by the increasing desperation of the contestants, the power struggle in Brazzaville is entering a new phase. President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who overthrew the elected Pre...

Fighting talk

Under fire, strongman Sassou is sending secret messages to his enemies

President Denis Sassou Nguesso, who is too broke to pay his own army, has been secretly trying to make a deal with his main rivals. These are the elected President he overthrew in ...

Look in The Mirror

Who sent sent a putschist’s shopping list of arms and mercenaries, purportedly drawn up by ousted Congo-Brazzaville President Pascal Lissouba to a mass circulation London tabloid, ...

Regional circle

Luanda's regional strategy to isolate and encircle Jonas Savimbi and his União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola forces took further shape with President J José Eduard...

A dictator returns

General Sassou fights his way back to power in Brazzaville and gets a tacit welcome from Paris and perhaps Washington

Fresh from his military defeat of the elected President, Pascal Lissouba, on 15 October, General Denis Sassou Nguesso told Africa Confidential that he would follow a policy of ouve...

'I'll go home to die'

In the final months of Pascal Lissouba's presidential term, which officially ended on 31 August, over 6,000 people have died in the war between his supporters and those of ex-dicta...

And across the river

Within weeks of Mobutu's fall, Brazzaville erupts on the other side of the Congo River

None of the protagonists emerge with any credit from the murderous struggle for power in Brazzaville. The fighting precedes the presidential election, which President Pascal Lissou...

Across the river

Money is sloshing around Brazzaville. The Kinshasa bourgeoisie (new and old) has fled across the river and is making its presence (and its money) felt. So are the serried ranks of ...

Lissouba lite

The President is in trouble unless he takes his new Prime Minister seriously

The President's priorities are clear, for once. He wants to be reelected in June 1997. Soon thereafter, Elf-Aquitaine will start to pump oil from its new wells at N'Kossa. In excha...

Displaying 61-69 out of 69 results.