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Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire

Population: 24.29 mn.
GDP: $40.39 bn.
Debt: $13.43 bn.

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Toxic trials

International oil traders Trafigura's Chief Executive, Claude Dauphin, and his West Africa Manager Jean-Pierre Valentini remain in Abidjan's high-security Maison d'Arrêt et d...

The toxic trade

How lethal waste came to Abidjan and who brought it there

The poisonous waste was carried on a Greek-owned tanker , the Probo Koala, flying a Panamanian flag, leased by the London branch of a Swiss oil-trading company whose fiscal headqua...

Toxic timeline

2 July: Probo Koala docked at Amsterdam after unloading at Algesiras, Spain. It asked Amsterdam Port Services (APS) to empty its slops tank. More than 500 cubic metres (m3 ) were u...

Cocoa wars

The United Nations and European Union are stepping up pressure on President Laurent Gbagbo's government to account for its oil windfall funds and its levies on cocoa exports. The W...

Identity crisis

Plans for new voters' cards and a new electoral register provoke yet another political deadlock

A row between Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny and President Laurent Gbagbo about identity cards and the electoral roll goes to the heart of the political crisis (AC Vol 47 No 4)...

Bane of Banny

The ruling Front Populaire Ivoirien's withdrawal from the national power-sharing government on 16 January serves up the first full-blown crisis to Prime Minister Charles Konan Bann...

Circling the wagons

President Gbagbo tells his followers to talk peace and prepare for war

The regime in Abidjan is threatened by northern rebels and allies of the sacked army chief, General Mathias Doué. President Laurent Gbagbo has told ruling party officials an...

Time's up

Threats and ethnic rivalries get wilder as President Gbagbo's mandate runs out

Violence looms again. President Laurent Gbagbo's five-year term in office ended on 26 October but he insists on staying on. National elections are blocked by the stalemate between ...

No polls, no peace

Mediators come and go but President Gbagbo wants to go on and on

President Laurent Gbagbo and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan agree on one thing: elections cannot be held on 30 October. This is at once obvious and crushing. The one h...

Displaying 101-110 out of 176 results.