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Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire

Population: 24.29 mn.
GDP: $40.39 bn.
Debt: $13.43 bn.

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Another temporary fix

No government, no electoral commission, no firm date for elections – the President has got what he wanted

Once again, President Laurent Gbagbo has driven democratisation off the rails. On 12 February, he used Article 48 of the Constitution, which allows him to take exceptional measures...

The much-postponed polls

The lacklustre opposition looks incapable of organising a serious protest if President Gbagbo decides to postpone elections yet again this year

This was meant to be the year that Côte d’Ivoire returned to constitutional order after the years of chaos since the civil war broke out in 2002. Elections due in 2005 were postpon...

Trafigura and the toxic waste

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Toxic Waste, Okechukwu Ibeanu, is challenging claims by oil-trader Trafigura and its Ivorian subcontractor Tommy that the waste they dumped...

Trafigura in court

Swiss-based oil trader Trafigura will have an eventful September before it goes on trial on 6 October in Britain's largest class action lawsuit. At the centre of this is the ship P...

The elections are coming, but don't hold your breath

With much hope and little evidence, optimistic Ivorians say that events are moving relentlessly towards some sort of political normalisation in Côte d’Ivoire – for the first time since the foiled coup against President Laurent Gbagbo in September 2002. That split the country in two: the South ruled by Gbagbo’s Front Populaire Ivoirien and the north ruled by the rebel Forces Nouvelles, which had set up its own ‘comzones’ to run the region. Now both sides are edging towards political and military integration.

At long last, a date has been set for the overdue election. On 17 May in Ouagadougou, President Laurent Koudou Gbagbo promised that 29 November was 'sure', but few really share tha...

The contenders

President Laurent Gbagbo (59) is a doctor of history of the Sorbonne, France, and a prolific author. He is Bété (and wrote a book about his people) born in Mama, in ...

As sweet as chocolate

Despite questions about elections and stability, Chinese companies are streaming in

Western investors are waiting around on the sidelines, nervous that the outcome of Côte d'Ivoire's elections, scheduled for 29 November, may bring more instability, but Chi...

Forever delayed

Postponing polls has become a habit, but the parties are still focused on winning power whenever the election comes

Politicians all agree that the latest election deadline of 30 November cannot be met and expect the polls to be held in March next year at the earliest. The postponements have drag...

Displaying 101-110 out of 203 results.