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Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire

Population: 24.29 mn.
GDP: $40.39 bn.
Debt: $13.43 bn.

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ICC bags Gbagbo first

The International Criminal Court may have accelerated the arrest and rendition of ex-President Laurent Gbagbo to the Hague because of the discovery of an apparent plot to spring hi...

Economy recovers, security wobbles

A post-war boom has started but there is big concern about the forthcoming parliamentary elections

President Alassane Dramane Ouattara is earning international praise and strong flows of cash for reconstruction. Yet as he enters the second half of his first year in office, he ri...

Bringing peace to the military

Gbagbo’s party has all but collapsed but an unruly coalition of poorly disciplined soldiers is a serious challenge

Laurent Koudou Gbagbo’s previously ruling Front Populaire Ivoirien (FPI) has quickly followed its master into obscurity and irrelevance since he was ousted on 11 April. The same ca...

100 days of ADO

Fêted in Washington and Paris, Ouattara faces tough questions about stability and politics at home

Security jitters and financial worries have haunted President Alassane Dramane Ouattara’s first 100 days, suggesting he is yet to entrench himself in office after a bloody six-mont...

Cocoa holds the key

President Ouattara needs to stop the smuggling and bring the soldiers under control

After his grand inauguration at Yamoussoukro on 21 May and pronouncements on the need for Ivorians to reconcile and rebuild the country, one of new President Alassane Dramane Ouatt...

Displaying 61-70 out of 189 results.