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Settlement hits another bump

Swiss-based commodity trading giant Glencore is struggling to finalise its US$1.5 billion settlement with the US authorities. Now, a new player has entered into the drama. Glencore...

Steinmetz plays his get out of jail card

Dropping earlier arguments that the evidence of corruption was fake, the mining magnate is appealing against his conviction by redefining bribery

Punishing foreign bribery is still a novel idea in Switzerland. There have been just 18 convictions since it became a crime in 2000, before which it was tax-deductible. And the pro...

Cash for loot

The Swiss lawyers who brokered Nigeria's much-criticised immunity-for-cash deal with Mohammed and Abba Abacha last July are major beneficiaries, it has emerged. The two sons of the...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.