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Population: 4.47 mn. (2011)
GDP: $2.61 bn. (2011)
Debt: $0.82 bn.

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Wrong numbers again

The United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea already has big credibility problems because of Ethiopia's continuing failure to implement a boundary commission ruling on where ...

War drift

The United Nations Security Council will renew the mandate of the UN Mission to Eritrea and Ethiopia next week but the border remains unresolved and there is concern over mounting ...

Disarmed but not demobbed

People grow poorer and less free but the regime stands by its guns

Despite sanctions by the European Union and other donors for bad governance, harsh treatment of political prisoners and tight controls on the press, President Issayas Aferworki sho...

Missing Badme

As promised, both countries have accepted the (carefully crafted) ruling by the Eritrea-Ethiopian Boundary Commission, published last weekend. Both sides want peace but the propaga...

Politics before economics

After consolidating his power, President Issayas will turn to the anaemic economy

The six-week delay, until 13 April, in the United Nations' verdict on the border dispute with Ethiopia may have further damaged the economy but by keeping the country on a war-foot...

Hagos heads home

As war-hero-turned-dissident Mesfin Hagos prepares to return home to near certain imprisonment for criticising President Issayas Afewerki, international pressure is mounting on the...


The President has gaoled the reformers ahead of the ruling party's congress

Critics of President Issayas Afeworki complain about his autocratic style. On 18 September, he proved their point, when six of his critics in the ruling People's Front for Democrac...


Nerves are jangling in Asmara after the resignation of the Ambassador to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Hebret Berhe boldly criticised the resistance to reform and democracy of the ru...

Crimes against the state

The President still claims he won the war as his regime wobbles around him

The ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice is now deeply split. At the end of May, 15 leading members of the PFDJ's 75-member Central Council published an unprecedented op...

Winter in Asmara

President Issayas is freezing some of his key officials out of politics

For the first time in his political life, President Issayas Aferworki faces serious challenges from his political peers. There is now a substantial group within the ruling People's...

Displaying 51-60 out of 84 results.