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Population: 4.47 mn. (2011)
GDP: $2.61 bn. (2011)
Debt: $0.82 bn.

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Warriors by proxy

With Somalia looking more settled, Ethiopia has been looking towards Eritrea, which it sees as the regional spoiler. On 8 June, Addis Ababa wrote to the United Nations Security Cou...

The Jihadists' friend

Eritrea now condemns foreign involvement in Somalia. Last year, it sent large quantities of arms and fighters, and a training mission, to the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), then in po...


The latest meeting of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission, in London on 17 May, started badly, with the Commission President, Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC of Britain, irritated by...


Secret talks in London on 10 March between American lawyers may help unblock the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia, that killed 50-100,000 people in 1998-2000. Both gover...

Breaking point, again

There may be some diplomatic method in Asmara's apparent madness

Indignant at what he calls blatant international bias against Eritrea in its border dispute with Ethiopia, President Issayas Afeworki is restricting the work of the United Nations ...

Wrong numbers again

The United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea already has big credibility problems because of Ethiopia's continuing failure to implement a boundary commission ruling on where ...

War drift

The United Nations Security Council will renew the mandate of the UN Mission to Eritrea and Ethiopia next week but the border remains unresolved and there is concern over mounting ...

Disarmed but not demobbed

People grow poorer and less free but the regime stands by its guns

Despite sanctions by the European Union and other donors for bad governance, harsh treatment of political prisoners and tight controls on the press, President Issayas Aferworki sho...

Missing Badme

As promised, both countries have accepted the (carefully crafted) ruling by the Eritrea-Ethiopian Boundary Commission, published last weekend. Both sides want peace but the propaga...

Politics before economics

After consolidating his power, President Issayas will turn to the anaemic economy

The six-week delay, until 13 April, in the United Nations' verdict on the border dispute with Ethiopia may have further damaged the economy but by keeping the country on a war-foot...

Displaying 41-50 out of 79 results.