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Population: 4.47 mn. (2011)
GDP: $2.61 bn. (2011)
Debt: $0.82 bn.

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Shooting war in Djibouti

The border battle at the mouth of the Red Sea looks more like Eritrean aggression

Fighting has begun around Ras Doumeira, the area of Djibouti seized by Eritrean troops in April (AC Vol 49 No 11). Both sides had built up their forces, seven kilometres inside Dji...

A dangerous invasion

Eritrea sent its troops into Djibouti, a small country with powerful allies

After Djibouti complained that Eritrea had invaded, President Issayas Afewerki responded on 19 May that this was 'a wild invention' with hidden foreign backing. On 4 April, Eritrea...

The border deadlock

The UN is casting around for big ideas to end the dangerous stalemate of the future of the border - but none have emerged yet

Next week, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is to deliver a report on the Ethiopian-Eritrean border dispute which Ethiopia hopes will break the logjam and deliver a dip...

That troublesome border

The quarrel between Addis Ababa and Asmara over their common border and the political chaos in Somalia is intensifying. The heat turned up after the Ethiopia Eritrea Boundary Comm...

Boiling point

Eritrea and Ethiopia, whose leaders detest each other, are clashing on three regional issues. Moreover, hawks in Addis believe – rightly or wrongly – that Ethiopia's support for th...

Warriors by proxy

With Somalia looking more settled, Ethiopia has been looking towards Eritrea, which it sees as the regional spoiler. On 8 June, Addis Ababa wrote to the United Nations Security Cou...

The Jihadists' friend

Eritrea now condemns foreign involvement in Somalia. Last year, it sent large quantities of arms and fighters, and a training mission, to the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), then in po...


The latest meeting of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission, in London on 17 May, started badly, with the Commission President, Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC of Britain, irritated by...


Secret talks in London on 10 March between American lawyers may help unblock the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia, that killed 50-100,000 people in 1998-2000. Both gover...

Breaking point, again

There may be some diplomatic method in Asmara's apparent madness

Indignant at what he calls blatant international bias against Eritrea in its border dispute with Ethiopia, President Issayas Afeworki is restricting the work of the United Nations ...

Displaying 41-50 out of 84 results.